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Caregiving with Dr Kelly Orr
Building Strong Relationships in the Brain Injury Community
By Michael Idell
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Ben Pohl - Amazing brain injury story

Dear Mr. Idell,
 After reading through your support website, I know that I am contacting the correct organization. My name is Ben Pohl and I have been searching America for an brain injury organization to assist with getting the word out.  I would like to help your organization as I am a individual with a disability.  Here is a link to a recent professional news story which was done on my disability in Chicago.

Nationwide Brain Injury Skype Calls

I would like to ask all our members of what they feel are the most devastating effects from their or their loved ones brain injury? 

If anyone would like to join our call, please create a Skype profile and message me with your name: No camera is needed. 
Our Skype name is ASBISG




My name is Dr. Nicole M. Eastman and I sustained my traumatic brain injury on December 15, 2010. I was on my way to work when my car was hit by a semi truck on I-696 E near the Van Dyke exit at approximately 65 miles per hour. The initial impact was from behind, which sent my car spinning in a counterclockwise direction. I was then hit in the driver's side, I ...lost consciousness, went under the trailer of the truck per my witness, and there was evidence of two other points of impact on my Chrysler Sebring.

Day in the Life of a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

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Day in the Life of a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor
Christina was injured on September 12th, 2005, when her head came into contact with a semi-trailer truck. She suffered a severe, traumatic brain injury. A 60-minute video of Christina (post-injury) en...
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Famous brain injury survivors!

Children's Specialized Hospital - Hope, Healing, and Excellence in Pediatric Rehabilitation

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Children's Specialized Hospital - Hope, Healing, and Excellence in Pediatric Rehabilitation
Nicole Ivanitski-Wight

Here is a video my family was a part of to help the hospital we are with. The first one is not a brain injury incident, but the middle story is, and ours is last.


I began writing this because it’s the easiest way I can express the way I feel. I started writing this to be a poem of some sort. Instead, I wanted it to just flow instead of being too thought out. I have thought of these things here and there over the past year and wrote them down. Now I want to share it with you. Especially tonight..
People make mistakes their entire lives. I have and I know I have. I have made a number of mistakes. I am learning as a human being I will continue to make mistakes.

My story

Hi! Im Melanie-
Im from Lufkin Texas. Well I really don't remember it and Im thinking that is pretty normal, and I'm glad I don't so I can tell you what the person who was also in the car accident told me.
I happened to be going through a seperation/divorce with my husband and have two children- Holly 11 and Hunter 17.

During this time we had moved and were living alone together in another house. I was dating another man whose name was Shane.

We happened to have went to a restaurant/bar the night of the accident and my children were at their Dads.

Changing my life

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Benevolence - Michael Idell
My brain injury story and belief
This was for a non denominational Christian church in Manhattan I went to. 

Wonderful member of our brain injury group on Facebook!

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Jacy Good on Oprah April 30, 2010
Jacy Good

“The level of service at A Simple Brain Injury Support Group is fantastic. Having been a client for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of everyone I have come in contact with. Thank you!” 
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find people you can trust. A Simple Brain Injury Support Group was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of help I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

Amy's Story

I am Sue Root I am 45 years old single mom.  I have three children ages, 9, 10, and 17 and I live in Central Florida, south of Daytona Beach.  Amy is my second child and is 10 years old.  Currently my youngest, Noah, and Amy Sue live with me.  My oldest daughter is struggling with life at 17 years old and bouncing around ...making some bad d...ecisions, and desperately mourning her sister as she used to be!Our story began on January 24,2010 when my little girl, Amy Sue, was 8 years old.

Michael Idell's Story

Almost dying 6 times on 10/12/03, it changed my life forever. I was in a automobile accident with a friend. My friend broke his leg in 5 places and left the hospital in a week or so. Luckily he ended up alive! I had fractured both wrists, both ankles, 8 ribs, and my skull. I was supposed to be in the hospital for 2 years but I recovered and I was out in 3 months. We were both totally blessed!

Since, I worked as Event Coordinator for the Council for the Head Injured Community (CHIC) through the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey and also worked at Hartwick at Oak Tree Extended-Care Unit of Johnson Institute in Edison, NJ as a Volunteer Recreational Therapist - providing treatment services and recreation activities for individuals with disabilities or illnesses.
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