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Time for Change

Upcoming events in NYC and Miami

  • Group: Friends of Innovation to Enhance Brain Fitness Across the Lifespan
  • Brain Talks Next Week in Manhattan (in English) and Coral Gables (book launch in Spanish)

In case you live by New York City or Miami, let me share these two upcoming events that may be of your interest. I'll will be giving two talks open to the public, one in English (Manhattan) and one in Spanish (Coral Gables).

1) Mid-Manhattan Library Next Monday @ Manhattan: How Can We Invest In Our Brains to Boost Innovation and Resilience?

Upcoming events in NYC as of 2/21/2014

Michael W Idell Upcoming disability events around New York City
Front Door Policy presentation February 26
The Metropolitan Parent Center of Sinergia will host a FREE presentation by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities Front Door Initiative
for individuals who are seeking services for the first time or who are interested in modifying current services.
You will learn about the three-step process necessary to be able to use the services:                                                                  

Brain Injury Awareness Month is March

March was Brain Injury Awareness month but that's not where our work ends. Some people in the community have gotten upset with me because I asked what happened? We need to stick together and communicate for a worldwide cause. This has created friendships and bonds between many of us we have kinships with. I do not think thatwe should have to communicate everyday as we all have our own private lives offline but it is nice to ask how are you, have contact, and catch up with our daily lives. We have a beautiful bond together, we shold all continue to remain a family in this community, regardless to where we live.

DOL companionship changes!

We have ANOTHER opportunity to make our voice heard on the proposed DOL companionship changes!
We have another opportunity to make our voices heard!On March 20th, the House Subcommittee on Workforce Protections will hold a hearing on the Department of Labor’s proposed companionship rule changes (Ensuring Regulations Protect Access to Affordable and Quality Companion Care). The disability community needs to make sure that these committee members know our concerns! We have set up an alert so you can send information to the chairman, ranking minority member and key staff.

ACTION ALERT! Sign On Letter on the Companionship Exemption

From: Bruce Darling
ADAPT and several other national disability-led organizations have put together a sign-on letter urging Department of Labor Secretary Solis to not adopt final regulations until she has convened a meeting of all interested parties to identify ways to enhance attendant wages and benefits as proposed without potentially eroding the availability of essential long term services and supports.  The White House has reached out to us and is setting up a meeting for us to share our concerns this Friday.

Action Alerts

From:Bruce Darling
The Department of Labor (DOL) has proposed changes in federal labor rules that, although well-intentioned, will have a negative impact on people with disabilities and most seriously impact people who have the most significant disabilities who rely on Medicaid home and community based services to be independent.
Labor advocates have urged people to support these rules which are intended to assure that attendants get paid minimum wage and are paid time-and-a-half for overtime work.

Here's a list of Famous People who, like us, have suffered a TBI.

  • Just proves that WE ARE NOT ALONE and that TBI DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE. Its an interesting read, and the last name (I purposely put there) was shoking since its personal to him and his on
  • Amy Davis – Miss Utah 2004
    (Cheerleading accident -2001) Frontal Lobe Damage; balance, coordination, depression, focus.
    Chosen brain injury education, prevention and support for her main goal as Miss Utah.
  • Barbara Mandrell – Country Singer
    (Car Accident – 1984) Head trauma; confusion, agitation, rage.
  • Bob Woodruff – ABC News Correspondent

BRAIN APOCALYPSE! Watch This Video, It Might Save Your Life!

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BRAIN APOCALYPSE! Watch This Video, It Might Save Your Life!
Football hits to the head, blast injury, concussion, smoking, drug abuse, overweight, stress, poor diet, sleep apnea, diabetes and depression - see what the effects are on your brain. The quality of l...
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Approximately 1.4 million Americans experience Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) each year and an estimated 3.2 million Americans are living with long-term, severe disabilities as a result of brain injury. Another 360,000 men and women are estimated to have been inflicted by a TBI in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The national cost of TBI is estimated to be $60 billion annually. That is why I founded the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force in 2001. Co-Chaired by Rep.

College Composition about brain injury education - 192/240 (B!!!)

Traumatic Brain Injuries
How can you be disabled? 
Michael Idell
College Composition II

      Traumatic brain injury affects millions of people worldwide and there should be a national educational campaign to raise awareness and knowledge. There is a need to receive proper education and the right way and wrong way to view brain injury. Misunderstandings of traumatic brain injury cause grief, ridicule, hinder proper medical treatment, and can ruin the lives of many innocent survivors and caregivers.

I want to help. I hope I can.

I truly have a deep compassion for all of you, your accomplishments, and goals. I hope you all know where my heart is and I want to continue to help any of you, in all realms, any way I can to achieve those goals. I pray and perceive after dying 6 times in 2003, I was kept here to continue helping people and want to inspire you all. We are all here together and we should be very proud to still be alive. Thank you for making me honored to be in your lives.
Michael W. Idell

Hate Crimes Against the Disabled

Hate Crimes Against the Disabled

Michael Idell

Kaplan University

 Survey of Social Problems


      Socially there is a lack of education and discrimination about people surviving, experiencing, or understanding of brain injuries causing hate crimes. Traumatic brain injury affects millions of people worldwide and there should be a national educational campaign to raise awareness and knowledge to avoid these crimes from happening. Misunderstandings of traumatic brain injury cause grief, ridicule, hinder proper medical treatment, and can ruin the lives of many innocent survivors.
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