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Worldwide Brain Injury Skype Calls
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Worldwide Brain Injury Skype Calls

Nationwide Brain Injury Skype Calls

I would like to ask all our members of what they feel are the most devastating effects from their or their loved ones brain injury? 

If anyone would like to join our call, please create a Skype profile and message me with your name: No camera is needed. 
Our Skype name is ASBISG


Worldwide Brain Injury Skype Calls

Worlwide Weekly Brain Injury Skype Call
Topic of the week: Patience for Self Improvement.
How much time do we spend listening?
How much time do we think we will improve how we use our time?
How much do we act on changing the way we think or view ourselves?
How can we judge ourselves, instead judging others?
Believing in ourselves and not making any changes to become better is not improving, its failing. Not moving forward is stagnance. We should grow. That is moving forward in your life. ~Michael W Idell
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