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Brainworks ASBISG Organization

Non-Profit Organization

EIN# 83-1672556

Nonprofit Support Services for All Involved with Neurological Impairments

What we ( do is:

  • Have an open atmosphere for people to meet others in the community and communicate openly about who they are without negativity.

  • Educate the public about neurological impairments, who the people are, where to go and how they happen.

  • Provide a place for people to vent about their struggles.

  • Communication services for families and caregivers to work along with the brain injured.

  • Continue to build a community together of enlightenment, experience and positive growth in a loving, fun-filled environment.

  • Neurological impairments and brain injuries include but not limited to traumatic brain injuries (TBI), bipolar disorders, brain tumors, strokes, aneurysms, acquired brain injuries (ABI), multiple sclerosis, hydrocephalus, autism, PTSD, epilepsy and more....

  • Advocate for legal and medical rights of those involved with the neurologically impaired (caregivers, family members, survivors).

Values Among Peers and Companions

Growth of a Worldwide Community
Global Network

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Survivors deal with misconceptions, survival with their lives and building confidence. They can not always express themselves. They don't have many who can understand their experiences. 

Caregivers and families have struggles of their own when associated with the care of these individuals.

Some of these hardships are patience, time management, understanding, communication, frustration, assistance, and more. There is a huge test on anyone involved.

Our organization is for educational resources of survivors, family members and caregivers of all types of neurological ailments affecting the brain including acquired brain injury, traumatic brain injury, toxemia, muscular sclerosis, stroke, and many others.


Since April 2004, we have been providing social skills, recreational activities and communicative environments for support online with survivors, families, caregivers, professionals and peer counselors. Our goal is to offer education and treatment services for individuals with disabilities or illnesses using a variety of techniques, including community outings and therapy to improve and maintain the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of clients. We have helped individuals reduce depression, stress, and anxiety; recover basic motor functioning and reasoning abilities; build confidence; and socialize effectively so that they can enjoy greater independence and reduce or eliminate the effects of their illness or disability.

We offer support for adults and children with disabilities using a variety of techniques helping reduce depression, stress, and anxiety, recover reasoning abilities, build confidence, and socialize effectively due to brain injuries.

Our continued aim is to focus on having these resources for individuals to handle harassment, misinterpretation, educational services, and building friendships to all involved in the brain injury community.

How we have grown to help those in the brain injury community:

  • Case management of mental health services referring clients to credible resources for care establishing short term and long term goals

  • Providing information for treatment services, including both individual and group counseling 

  • Providing education of brain injury including training clients on crisis intervention techniques 

  • Supply global support for adults and children with disabilities using a variety of techniques helping reduce depression, stress, and anxiety, recover reasoning abilities, build confidence, and socialize effectively. 

  • Interface with community programs to assist in progression in a positive manor

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If you are a caregiver, survivor, family member, or the public wanting to learn more, please contact us to ask any questions.

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