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If you need to speak to someone, you have several options.

We have weekly support calls with others in the community who understand the way you are feeling. Information is on our home page calendar.

If assistance is needed locally in your area, we could help find them or make recommendations for you.

If you would like to speak to someone call (570) 599-6424

or email us here

Anxiety and depression are very common throughout life and with difficult times but don't think you don't have the strength to go through these things.

Breathing, self control, motivation, and perseverance are within you.

There is no shame in looking for help.

A helpful aid in relaxing your mind and body is through meditation.

Attached below are videos to assist your relaxation and should be done regularly.

Please control your environment when listening or watching these videos. You need to be able to breath, sit down, and find focus within you to find peacefulness and relax your mind.


15:36 Minutes

9 Minutes

42:16 Minutes

22:21 Minutes

15:02 Minutes

16:11 Minutes

21:03 Minutes

22 Minutes

18:35 Minutes

13:56 Minutes

35:36 Minutes

40:49 Minutes

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